Voiceover Talent in St. Louis

What is a voiceover / voice-over / voice over? With all of these different ways to write out the word, it's just as confusing to many as to what it actually means. Whenever I'm asked what a voiceover is, I simply explain that a voiceover is when you hear a person's voice but don't see them. This could be a television or radio commercial, a voice to an animation, an explainer video, telephone service or VoIP, narration for audiobooks, jingles, movie trailers and other forms of video or audio marketing. Here at New Mountain Voices, we specialize in celebrity impressions, characters, and professional sounding voices for everything you would need a voiceover for. If you have a project you need a voice for, call or email for help to any questions you may have. How does a voiceover help you? A good voiceover is like a beacon to your business. It's a warm welcome or introduction to what you have to offer. It can appeal to the right audience and reel them in. It tells your story in a compelling and clear way. It offers direction and allows a strong connection. Make the right choice and find out what New Mountain Voices can do for you!

Person Greetings

Want Christopher Walken to record your personal voicemail greeting? How about having Matthew McConaughey wish your friend a Happy Birthday?

Telephone Systems

Professional corporate phone system recordings

Voices for Video

YouTube, Video Games, TV commercials and more. We've done it all!

Business Marketing

Let us revitalize your business with a new voice or just help bring your business into the next generation of marketing.

Multiple Characters

We have quite the list of characters, accents and celebrity voices for your project. Give us your ideal celebrity or voice range, we love a good challenge!

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